Heartland HOUSED serves as the backbone organization tasked with developing strategy, supporting implementation activities, and facilitating the collaborative work of the Heartland Continuum of Care with the purpose of effectively addressing homelessness in Springfield & Sangamon County, IL. 

The Heartland HOUSED Strategic Plan to Address Homeless provides Springfield & Sangamon County with an actionable framework to more effectively address homelessness. A backbone organization provides the necessary energy to make progress, monitor community performance on meeting goals, and ensure the strategic plan becomes more than just words on paper.

The Heartland HOUSED Staff and Strategy Board will analyze data, assess gaps and needs, and work to align resources with programs that help the community reach strategic goals. 

Prior to 2020, our community had no staff designated to lead collaborative efforts. Heartland HOUSED staff will build on current Continuum of Care coordination efforts and support new task groups and programs while ensuring stability of system leadership to provide the necessary energy for our community to continue to move forward.

Why Heartland HOUSED?

GROWTH – the Heartland Continuum of Care is not an established entity or non-profit which limits funding and expansion opportunities
STABILITY – Josh Sabo is now the Executive Director of Heartland HOUSED, full funding will allow for 3 new staff and ensure funding for HMIS and Housing Navigation services
SYSTEM LEADERSHIP – Addressing homelessness requires a systems approach and Heartland HOUSED will provide necessary and effective system leadership