The HCoC Board of Directors Approved the Special NOFO Consolidated Application on Tuesday, October 18th. You can review the application at the link below:

Rating and Ranking Narrative

The three year amount available to our community is $698,169. The Rating and Ranking Committee received three projects amounting to $928,341. Two projects were scored and one was not scored according to our Special NOFO Competition policy. 

The recommended ranked list and recommended amounts for funding are below with the project score:

(1) Helping Hands Unsheltered Homelessness PSH Project Application FY2022
Score 98
Recommended Funding $430,909
Grant Request: $508,828

(2) Helping Hands Unsheltered Homelessness RRH Project Application FY2022
Score 97
Recommended Funding $161,096
Grant Request: $161,096

(3) M.E.R.C.Y. Communities HMIS Project
Unscored Per Policy
Recommended Funding $106,164
Grant Request: $237,472

Projects were reduced to bring the total grant request within the allowable amount for our community. The HCoC’s priorities for funding for this grant based on current need and alignment with Springfield & Sangamon County’s 2022-2028 Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness were: 
(1) PSH
(2) RRH
(3) HMIS
(4) Supportive Service Only-Coordinated Entry, SSO
(6) CoC Planning

The HMIS project was reduced due to housing programs being placed at a higher priority and community planning to cover HMIS staffing costs through other funding sources. The Helping Hands Permanent Supportive Housing Project was reduced instead of the Helping Hands Rapid Rehousing Project due to our community having no HUD funded rapid rehousing for single person households at this time and the need for our community to fund both Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing to effectively address Unsheltered Homelessness.  

Archived Grant Information Below
All the information needed to apply for the CoC Special NOFO to Address Unsheltered Homelessness is below. New organizations are welcome to apply.

Rating and Ranking Committee for both competitions:
Valera Yazell, Tammy Small, Shanon Allen, Kim Luz, and Melissa Huffstedtler

Notes on Funding Available:

  • 3 year total of $698,169 is available to our community
  • That amounts to $232,723 per year.
  • Eligible programs: Permanent Housing (PSH, RRH), HMIS, SSO, SSO-CE, Joint TH and RRH, and CoC Planning 
  • Our CoC Application has to score in the top 10 of CoC’s in the state in order for any projects to receive funding
  • Participant Eligibility – must meet the criteria of paragraph (1) except that persons coming from transitional housing must have originally come from places not meant for human habitation, emergency shelters, safe havens, or institutions where they resided for 90 days or less and originally came from places not meant for human habitation, safe havens, or emergency shelters or paragraph (4) of 578.3

View Grant Opportunity Here
Local Project Application Deadline: September 16th at 5 PM (eSnaps application .pdf and Supplemental Question Google Form must both be submitted to HCoC Coordinator)
HUD Special NOFO Timeline
Local Webinar on Strategic Plan and Special NOFO

DRAFT of HCoC Comprehensive Strategic Plan
HCoC Special NOFO Competition Policy
HCoC Special NOFO Scoring Card

Resources for New Applicants
Detailed Instructions from HUD on filling out the application can be found here
HUD Exchange Resource on CoC Program Elements 
If your organization is not registered for e-snaps please take the steps to do so as quickly as possible, you can find more information here:
Review the CoC Program Interim Rule
HUD Exchange – Binder on Grant Administration
e-snaps Navigational Guide for Project Applicant Profile
e-snaps Navigational Guide for New Projects for CoC NOFO (Process is similar for Unsheltered NOFO)

If you have any questions about either opportunity, please contact HCoC Coordinator at