Emergency Solutions Grant Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent for Emergency Solutions Grant Funding are due by 5 PM on Thursday, April 27th.

Review the IDHS Emergency Solutions Grant Manual here.

Complete the ESG LOI here.

IDHS Homelessness Prevention Grant LOI

Letters of Intent for Homelessness Prevention Funding are due by 5 PM on Thursday, May 4th.

Review the DHS Homelessness Prevention guidelines here.

Complete the HP LOI here.

Also please review the following information from IDHS regarding ESG.

The following housekeeping items need to be taken care of BEFORE you can receive a contract for ESG or other state funds. 
To be eligible for a contract, all grantees must complete the Registration &Pre-Qualification Process which includes the following:

  • Update SAM registration and receive Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).  This MUST be updated YEARLY!
  • Be registered in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State
  • Complete the Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) – The ICQ is done only once per entity per fiscal year
  • Complete the Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance – The Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance is to be completed for every provider for each grant you are applying for from the State of Illinois annually. 

Make sure you are registered with the GATA/CSFA system.  The system will automatically check your registrations with the above-mentioned systems. It will also check to see if your entity is on the federal excluded parties list and if your entity is on the State of Illinois Stop Pay/Compliance list. If your entity is not up to date on the registrations or is listed on the federal list or Illinois Stop Pay/Compliance list, your application will not be accepted until these situations are resolved.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to look on the Grant Application Information and Instructions webpage for helpful user manuals and links to the forms.
You can also access the application process materials and instructions at:  IDHS: Adult Services and Basic Supports Grants (illinois.gov)
The following items are available now:

  • Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance
  • ICQ
  • CSA Budget/Tracking System and Registration Information

Please make sure to complete all prerequisites by May 31, 2023, and send them to your assigned Grant Manager AND the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) email address:  DHS.ESG@illinois.gov
·              Please include in the SUBJECT LINE of the email state:  Your Agency Name and “ESG GRANT APPLICATION CSFA #0496” (For example: America Inc. ESG Grant Application CSFA#0496)
·              Note: Everything is being tracked by the CSFA number, so it is important that all required materials and correspondence contain this information.
The ESG Program has provided funding allocations to all 18 CoCs so the SFY24 provider funding application and award letters will be released soon after ESG receives the CoC referrals.
No grant applications can be accepted for review until these steps are successfully accomplished. (Only after your entity has completed the above registration/pre-qualification steps will a state agency be allowed to accept your grant application for consideration, and that application must still be submitted by the respective due date.)